The adventure starts in 2012 with Blue sea divers, a diving centre today, well known for its professionalism and friendly team. This dive center is the result of a strong passion for diving, mixed with a strong desire from its owner to let the people discover the variety of the fauna in Seychelles.
In 2002, the adventure continues. Indeed, the owner of Blue sea divers decided to buy Galatea, a steel Turkish Gullet, which will allow to combine diving and sailing among the
Seychelles archipelago. After a two years renovation in Turkey , Galatea Dinally reach Seychelles in 2013 and started its Dirsts cruises in heart of Inner Island Archipelago.
Today, this luxury Gullet has a 8 crew member looking after all the 14 passengers (divers and non divers). The success of Galatea has led us to improve our programs and create new itineraries such as Seychelles Outer Islands or Madagascar.
CertiDied divers, Beginners and non divers eager to discover and who want to escape from daily routine can choose their program smartly designed which will let them discover diversified Fauna and Flora of Indian ocean.